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        Be Smart Driving Academy, LLC    1921 W. Dimond Boulevard, Suite 105A-3     Anchorage, Alaska  99515

My name is Amell (Butch) Evans and I wear many hats, but in this case my Title is “Senior Master Driving Instructor”  There are over 150 “AAA” Lead Instructors in the World and I am one of them!

I worked for a local competitor here in Anchorage, Alaska for 31 years.  The owner who was my friend and mentor passed away last year.  With his blessing, I struck out on my own and opened “Be Smart Driving Academy, LLC”

A lot has changed since you earned your Driver’s License!  “Be Smart Driving Academy” along with its Instructors are up to date with the latest technology, rules of the road and safety tips.

Safe driving is our main goal!  The “Be Smart Way” is a learning tool that shows that risk when driving is always present and a part of our daily lives.  With this information we can improve the lives of everyone around us by becoming “responsible” and “safe” motorists.

I along with my staff who combined have over 40 years of experience WELCOME you to our Website!