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Signing An Agreement On Behalf Of Someone Else

The judge found that the issue of the signatory`s liability relates to the particular context of each contract. The judge referred to a common rule of law where a person enters into a contract as an agent for another person, he or she is not personally liable to the other party unless there are other clues. The judge found that, in assessing the facts of the contract and the terms of the contract itself, it was clear that Mr. Zheng had acted only as Mr. Liu`s agent and that he had not assumed personal responsibility. The written agreement, the agent`s evidence, the evidence of the parties or the events that occurred after the signing of the agreement are not inconsistent with the oral advice to Sunnyvale`s agent, which Mr. Zheng signed as counsel. The buyer of the agreement was called Mr. Liu. Mr. Zheng was not identified anywhere as a buyer. The fact that Mr.

Zheng signed the agreement did not change the identity of the buyer. Mr. Liu was therefore the only person to be held accountable (and to have rights) under the treaty. As a result, Mr. Zheng was able to successfully find that Sunnyvale was unable to file a complaint against him. If you are entering into a contract with a company or individual in another country, it is important to ensure that the contract is signed by someone who has the right to do so. You need to check whether the person signing a contract is authorized to avoid major legal problems and minimize risk. If you enter into a contract with a company or person based in Indonesia, the laws on the legality and binding nature of the contracts are enshrined in the Indonesian Civil Code, Article 1338.

5-3 (1) Before signing a contract on behalf of a client, the licensee must have obtained written permission from the client or an authorized customer representative. It is quite common for someone to prepare a business letter on short orders from the sender. A law firm.B can send several copies of a single letter, for example. B a call, to many different customers. If the sender is not available to sign it personally and the letter in the email is mandatory, an authorized collaborator or assistant can sign on behalf of the sender. The legal agreement must contain the initials “p.p.” signing “proprocurationem” in Latin, which means “taking care of something” before signing the employee.