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Model Trade Union Recognition Agreement

3.1 The university and its recognized unions have a common interest in ensuring the objectives, plans, objectives and objectives of the university and hence the continued development and success of the university, its staff and students. (b) the appropriate trade union delegate informs the Director of Human Resources and the Deputy Director of Human Resources in writing and confirms the election of representatives as soon as possible after their election; In the event that such a notification is made or received, the company will hold a advisory meeting between the authorized company representatives and the representatives of the staff/shop stewards. The full-time union delegate may request that he attend such a meeting and the company cannot refuse such a request in an unseemly manner. 1.1 This agreement between the university and its recognized unions (collectively referred to as “parties” in this document) is mentioned in point 2.1 below, and applies to all employees of the University of Bath, paid on nationally negotiated wage scales through the Joint Council for the Negotiation of University Staff (JNCHES). In addition, the University and the University Union (UCU) are expressly recognized for collectively representing professors. 6.4 Any misinterpretation of the interpretation of this agreement should first be referred to the Director of Human Resources or the delegated representative and designated (and accredited) union representatives. 2.1 The university recognizes the following unions, which represent their university members and have exclusive rights to consultation, negotiation and collective agreements: 3.4 It is the university`s responsibility to plan, organize and manage its activities in order to achieve its strategic objectives. The university will do so in a manner appropriate to labour law and appropriate and timely consultation and negotiation with recognized unions. Status quo: In the event of disputes that cannot be resolved, any practice or agreement that existed before the difference will continue to function as part of the dispute resolution process. Both parties are the spirit and intent that there should be no unwarranted or disproportionate delay in dealing with issues in the agreed procedure.

3.2 The spirit and intent of the agreement is to promote the best possible relationship between the university and its employees represented by its recognized unions and to create a consensual method of discussion, consultation and negotiation to that end.