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Managed Services Agreement Terms And Conditions

Default: If the payment has not been received before the first month of this month, MSP reserves the right to suspend the provision of on-site and remote services until a monthly fee is paid, provided that MSP has a payment period of five (5) working days. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract that in many ways sets the tone of the relationship between the customer and the customer. WADA defines a number of delivery elements and delivery parameters that one party has agreed to provide to another. The nature and breadth of the management services program This program is designed to preserve a company`s existing IT environment and solve everyday problems. Consulting services that go beyond the maintenance of existing devices and/or software applications may be billed and are not covered by this agreement. Please note the exclusions from Section 4 of this document or call our office for more information. 15.7. Full agreement. This agreement (including the sales order form between the customer and us, the UPA, the terms and conditions and all schedules attached to the sales form or this agreement, which may be limited, among other things, to related service level agreements), constitutes the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement. The parties agree that this agreement will replace and replace all other written or written agreements relating to the purpose of this agreement.

15.18. Terms and conditions. To the extent that one of the terms of this contract is contrary to Corser`s “product conditions,” they will be in conflict under the terms of the agreement. 2.1. Managed services. Based on the Customer`s compliance with our credit authorization requirements and our verification of the information provided by the Customer for the purposes of the service`s implementation, we will provide the services managed in accordance with the terms of each sales form and the service level agreements (SLAs) that have been concluded in accordance with this Agreement and the other Terms of this Agreement. 1.4. “managed service” refers to the provision of IT services to the customer, including consulting, management and data center services, servers, other devices and other services, as described in a sales form and associated SLAs.