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Butch taught me 20+ years ago and my daughter 4 years ago how to drive defensively. I won't have any other but him to teach my 16 yr old son! Everyone should take a class form Butch... There is no one better!! Leann Jack
The most fun, safe, and informative training I've ever had. I recommend it to everyone. Anastasia Erickson
Awesome co-worker, excellent instructor. Alaska you can not find better training anywhere else! Angelo Restrepo
The best driving school in Anchorage. Butch is very professional but he will treat you like family. The classroom training has a very friendly atmosphere, the actual driving lessons are great and informative. He will help you to be comfortable driving and remind you of the rules of the road. I have two kids and scheduling is very hectic, they will try to accommodate your schedule and give you options. Same with the road test, very professional and they will try to accommodate your schedule. I will definitely recommend Be Smart Driving Academy. Karen Love Mendoza
Anchorage, ALASKA
I did lots of research before selecting this school. Many of the reviews on the web mentioned Butch Evans a being the instructor to have. We enrolled our two teenage sons into this school as we wanted to ensure they learned it right! After the first day of CLASSROOM training, ( an 8 hour long class) our son came home and said that was the Best. Class. Ever. He was going to tell all his friends. High praise coming from a 14 year old sitting in a classroom all day! The road training portion made them confident drivers. Hats off to Butch Evans and the Be Smart Driving School! Jeannette Duenow
Anchorage, Alaska
You can't go wrong with Be Smart Driving a Academy. Their main objective is not to make money, but to do you a great service, and to improve the safety of the roads in Alaska. Have confidence in knowing you will get more then your money's worth, and deal with honest and caring staff in the process. I had an amazing experience, this driving course made me feel comfortable and confident and taught me so much! I went in a nervous wreck and left there feeling like a million bucks. Thanks so much you guys, for helping me reach my goals. God bless you! Christina Marie Bessette
Butch is awesome owner of the Academy: very experienced, patient, funny, diversified! I took his class myself nearly 17 years ago, and it changed my life. I became very confident driver. Recently my son took his classes, and it helped us to reduce insurance payments nearly to a 40%. I would recommend the services of this Driving Academy to absolutely anyone! Sveta Potton
An amazing instructor, straight forward will tell you what you need to do or what your not doing correctly. Also makes driving fun and safe. Elisheva Cliver